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More than 130 undocumented migrants surrender to Arizona Border Patrol

Over 130 undocumented surrendered to U.S. Border Patrol in Wednesday.

Agents apprehended migrants from Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua near San Miguel, just miles from the Arizona-Mexico border.

Interim Chief Patrol Agent of the U.S. Border Patrol for the Tucson sector, John Modlin, said the individuals were given face masks and transported to Tucson for processing.

The more than 130 migrants are just the latest group from the Northern Triangle to make their way from Central America to the U.S. in recent weeks, in what has been dubbed a crisis at the southern border.

Nearly another 750 unaccompanied minors crossed the border Wednesday, meaning there are now more than 20,000 children being sheltered by the Department of Homeland Security as 20,273 children have been divided between U.S. Customer and Border Protection (CBP) and Health and Human Services (HHS) care.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott called on the Biden administration to close a housing migrant children after government agencies received reports of child abuse, including sexual assault Wednesday.

“The Biden administration caused this crisis and has repeatedly failed to address it,” Abbott said. “The administration failed to plan for the influx of children that they invited to come. Now they face allegations of despicable child abuse and neglect.”

Republicans blame the influx of migrants at the U.S. southern border on Biden’s decision to reverse Trump-era policies.

But the Biden administration claims the surge in undocumented migrants is a routine Springtime encounter and blames Trumps’ refusal to address the root causes of immigration from the Triangle nations.

Vice President Kamala Harris has been tasked with working with nations like Guatemala and Honduras in an attempt to improve circumstances abroad and to counter mass migration.

But recently polling shows that the majority of Americans do not support Biden’s stance on immigration.

In an l released Monday, only 44 percent of Americans said they approve of Biden’s border security measures, while 55 percent said they do not.

And only a quarter of Americans said they approve of the president’s handling of the issue of migrant children at the border.

Paul Steinhauser and Griff Jenkins contributed to this report.



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